Bringing Children & Teens Into Families


Foster Care | Foster-Adoption

All children need a committed and loving family to help them thrive in life.   Young people in foster care especially need nurturing adults on their side because their own families are in crisis and unable to care for them.  At no fault of their own, children placed in foster care have been exposed to abuse, endangerment, or neglect and are separated from their home, their schools, and sometimes their siblings.  While some children are able to be reunited with their birth parents or extended family members, many of them stay in the system awaiting a forever family. There are over 250 children in foster care in Placer County and over 2,300 children in Sacramento County alone.  The need for stable, loving, Christian families to take in foster children is especially urgent as California legislation has called for closure of all lower level group homes in 2017.

The Response

As Christians we must not stand back and watch our youth be raised by government organizations. We are called to open our homes to those without families or safe places to stay.  However, bringing a foster child into your home comes with many questions and challenges. Our regional leaders and supportive foster agencies can help interested families walk through the training and certification process, understand the emotional and physical requirements of taking in a child, and plug into numerous post-placement resources.

Emily Kaiser - Foster Care/Adoption Program Director

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