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Alliance mission & goals

All children deserve to grow up in safe, loving FAMILIES and strong COMMUNITIES are built on stable families. Unfortunately, we live in a world full of broken commitments and broken relationships. The rates of divorce and fatherlessness in our culture keep rising leaving children without healthy adults to meet their needs. This is a wide-spread, complex issue that requires a collective response.

The Problem

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Our mission

THE ALLIANCE is a network of agencies, nonprofits, community members, businesses and churches working together to protect kids and strengthen families. OUR MISSION is to ensure all children grow up in a safe, loving family and that local families have access to the resources and support needed to create a healthy, interconnected community. We believe this is possible through Prevention, Intervention, and Support.

The populations we serve include current/former foster youth, resource & adoptive families, single parents, families in crisis, refugees resettling locally and any child that has experienced trauma.

THE ALLIANCE has been defending the cause of kids and families since 2016.


UNITE local organizations​

Agencies and nonprofits play a vital role in meeting the needs of vulnerable kids & families. The Alliance facilitates networking and collaboration between local organizations.

CONNECT families in need with resources​

The Alliance is a hub of information on the services available in our community. We support parents and caregivers by connecting them with the right resources.

MOBILIZE the community to get involved​

The Alliance connects individuals, groups, and churches with donation or volunteer opportunities that support local children, families, and social workers.

EQUIP people to care for kids & families​

The Alliance provides trauma-informed training for parents, caregivers, professionals, and volunteers serving vulnerable children and families.


Locally, The Alliance partners with organizations around the Greater Sacramento Area. We also provide coaching and online resources to individuals, organizations & churches across the United States.

Click on the links below to meet our Members or join The Alliance!

2024 Platinum Seal.PNG

The Alliance is committed to best practices, transparency, and efficient use of all funds as we work to protect kids and strengthen families. We are honored to have received a 2024 Candid/GuideStar Platinum Seal of Transparency.

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