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​​A single financial gift makes an impact.

Committed giving is a Movement.

Will you join the Movement to see Every Child in a safe, loving home? 


Helps us expand our programs and services to combat the issues afflicting local families today. ​


Supports our programs AND your first donation provides a fully stocked backpack to a local child.



Supports the staff, programs and resources to maximize our impact AND provides 2 local children with backpacks!

​​​The Alliance is an organization committed to seeing kids healed from childhood trauma. Since 2016, we've grown into a network of over 85 local nonprofits, agencies, and churches working together to serve vulnerable kids and families throughout the Sacramento region. 


In the Sacramento Region, 2 out of every 3 kids experience trauma before they turn 16. That's over 350,000 of our local children impacted by homelessness, broken families, refugee status, placement in foster care and more. 1/3rd of our kids living healthy, whole, safe and loved is not enough. 


The Every Child Movement is The Alliance's offensive effort to help Every Child in our community have a childhood. Your committed giving powers the programs, resources and relationships that are changing the lives of our community's most vulnerable children right now.​​

YOUR "Every Child" Impact


kids need your support


Sadly, 2 out of 3 children experience at least one traumatic event by age 16. Instances of trauma dramatically increase the likelihood of youth substance abuse, homelessness, pregnancy, incarceration and suicide.  

This does not have to be the case. Support for The Alliance through the Every Child Movement provides the services, relationships and tangible resources to combat the sources of adversity affecting children today.


Enhance community-wide impact


As a movement partner, you support a collaborative network of 80+ local nonprofits, agencies, and churches working together to serve vulnerable kids. You link arms with 60+ businesses, community leaders, and countless individuals who volunteer and give financially to make this work possible. 


The Alliance's comprehensive approach to protecting kids and strengthening families is designed to benefit multiple organizations, optimizing your contribution for maximum impact here in the Sacramento region.


Receive Insider stories


Incredible wins happen every day for our Alliance network. As a partner of the Every Child Movement, you will have access to these inspiring stories through:


  • Brief monthly video updates AND

  • Exclusive invitations to our Fall Alliance Open House!


You'll hear the details of the tangible impact your gift is making for real people in your neighborhood each month!


Play an essential role


Everyone can do something to help a child in need. While we may not all be social workers, resource parents or counselors, we all have a role to play to protect kids in our community. 

As a partner of The Alliance through the Every Child Movement, you create a sustainable, long-lasting impact for vulnerable children and families in your community. The Alliance relies on the generosity of individuals like you to do the work of one day seeing Every Child in a safe, loving home. Will you do your part?

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