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alliance events

Annual trauma Conference

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The Training UP Conference provides encouragement and tools to help people thrive when caring for kids from hard places. Each year we gather top experts from around the region to share their knowledge on trauma, sensory and emotional processing issues, TBRI, attachment, and more to equip foster and adoptive parents, social workers, school staff, counselors, advocates and extended family members.

Community service event

Join us each year as we rally individuals, families, and organizations to make a difference for local kids and families in need. 

The Difference Maker Campaign provides a wide variety of ways YOU can support families, meet the needs of kids in the foster care system, and bring hope to those on the front lines like social workers. Each Holiday season, we provide gift wish lists, service opportunities and other ways you can get involved. 

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Leader collaboration

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This signature Alliance event is an appreciation dessert for the amazing organizations we partner with. At A Night to Celebrate we honor leaders making a difference for kids and families in the Greater Sacramento Area and provide opportunities for the organizations they represent to collaborate and partner together for greater impact in our region. 

Hosted Annually in February
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