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Each year The Alliance brings together top mental health providers, counselors, therapists and trauma experts around the Greater Sacramento Region to provide valuable training on the effects of childhood trauma and strategies to build connection and promote healing.  


Join us virtually or in-person for our 7th annual conference with a wide variety of valuable sessions for parents, foster/adoptive families, professionals and anyone working or volunteering with kids from hard places. Our theme this year that will weave through all sessions is Embracing Hope & Healing.

*Resource Families are eligible to earn certificates for Parent Training hours. See details below.




Sat. August 26 | 8:30am-3:30pm

Destiny Community Center | Rocklin

Attend the live event with lots of in-person extras (see below) PLUS access ALL virtual content for 90-days


Early Bird (Until June 30)

$55*/person + $20/family member

General Registration (Until Aug. 18) $65*/person + $20/family member
*Price Before Member Discount if applicable

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Available Aug. 28-Nov. 30

Watch Video Sessions On-Demand

Access all 8 pre-recorded sessions from

the comfort of home for 90 days


Early Bird (Until June 30)


General Registration (Re-Opened) $60*/household
*Price Before Member Discount if applicable


Resource Parent Training Hours

Virtual Attendees:

4 hours of training available

In-Person Attendees:

6 hours of training available

*Certificates provided upon completion

Learn from

Local Experts

Each year we partner with leading counselors, therapists and professionals to provide trauma-informed tools and valuable insights into caring for kids & teens from difficult places.



Bonus Main Sessions

Exclusive Breakouts

Connect with Local Families

Café Lunch & Conference Swag Bag

Conference Sponsors

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Main Sessions

For ALL Attendees

How Can I Be OK When My Child is Not?

Jeanine Harris, M.A. | Parent Coach

How do we maintain our own emotional regulation when our child is acting out and disruptive? This can be so frustrating and it's difficult to avoid getting drawn in to the reactivity or shutting down completely. Let's look at practical ways to grow in our capacity for connection during these tough moments by growing in our own ability to self-regulate.

Understanding PTSD in Kids & Teens

Dr. Stephanie Caine | Licensed Clinical Counselor, Professor of Psychology & Counseling

PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder, can affect children and teenagers who have experienced abuse, violence, or bullying, and often leads to symptoms such as anxiety, nightmares, and avoidant behaviors. This session will provide parents and caregivers a deeper understanding of what PTSD is, its impact on children, and how it may manifest differently in children or teens compared to adults. Join us as we discuss ways to recognize typical PTSD symptoms and learn practical strategies for supporting youth who are coping with trauma.

The Truth About ACEs: History, Happenings & Hope

Mike Mason | Author, Speaker, Business Coach

Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) are stressful or traumatic events that occur in a child's life before the age of 18 and can include physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, or household dysfunction. This workshop explores the impact of childhood trauma on physical and mental health, the history behind ACEs as well as and their long-term effects on health, behavior, and relationships. We will also focus on hope since healing from past trauma is possible using practical strategies that build resilience. Join us for an informative and engaging workshop that will empower you to create a more trauma-informed and compassionate environment for the kids in your life.

Keeping Kids Out of Trafficking

Taylor Baierlein | Be Bold Program Director, Child Advocates of Placer County

Human trafficking is on the rise and children who have experienced trauma tend to be a target for perpetrators. Join Be Bold Program Director, Taylor Baierlein for an overview of CSEC (Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children), the risk factors and red flags to watch for. Having preventative conversations to have with kids and knowing what resources are available to support children who may have already experienced some exposure can be life changing.

Banishing Burnout:

Creating Awareness, Cultivating Rhythms, and Connecting with Others

Casey Taylor, Ph.D.| Therapist, Kaiser South Sacramento

Discover ways to build resilience and protect your yourself, your family and your staff (if you work in this field) against burnout, and compassion fatigue. In this session, we will discuss the pathway to Burnout, warning signs, recovery, and prevention. Participants will have an opportunity to reflect on their practice of self-assessment, self-care, and be provided with resources to equip themselves and those around them.


Helping Children & Teens Embrace Their Most Authentic Self

Amy Foraker, LPCC | Clinical Counselor

Children with trauma often develop internal "protectors" as a way to guard the real, vulnerable child inside. Although these parts seek to protect, they block the child's most vulnerable desire: attachment. This often frustrates caregivers who want so badly to connect with their child or teen. Join experienced Counselor Amy Foraker as she utilizes the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model to bring insights and offers tools to facilitate connection when these powerful protectors show up in our children or ourselves. 


Learn to Regulate Your Nervous System:

Experience Relief, Healing and Hope for Trauma

Karen Penfold | Founder, Full of Hope Trauma Yoga and Trauma Recovery 

Be encouraged and empowered to shift your nervous system state from Stress or Overwhelm to Calm Control by learning and practicing nervous system regulating techniques. This workshop will cover simple and assessable somatic (body-based) practices you can do to shift your nervous system out of a Stress Response (fight/flight) or a Trauma Response (freeze) into the Relaxation Response. Learn the power of Grounding, Orienting, Mindful Movement and Breathwork plus receive a written resource you can use to teach and practice the techniques with the youth in your life.


The Impact of COVID-19 on Kids:

Finding Hope in a Post-Pandemic World

Makela Mims, LMFT | Marriage & Family Therapist

The COVID-19 Pandemic has had an overwhelming impact on mental health for adults as well as children. From the effects of "long COVID," extended isolation, increased anxiety and depression the COVID-19 Pandemic has changed how we see the world, how we see one another, and how we view ourselves.  In this workshop we will discuss signs of COVID fatigue, the impact of prolonged isolation on children, the strain placed on family units, and strategies to improve emotional and mental well-being for children living in a post-pandemic world.

Bonus SessionS & Breakouts

For In-Person Attendees

A Neurodevelopmental Look at Trauma & Its Effect on

Sensory Processing & Behavior

Breanna Canclini, OTR/L | Trauma-Informed Occupational Therapist

Trauma has physical effects on the body that often delay typical development and cause dysfunctional coping responses. In this breakout we will look at how trauma impacts the brain, development, and sensory processing plus learn strength-based interventions that support neurologic functioning and sensory integration. Come along as we explore why going back in development can catapult children forward.

Trauma-Informed Classrooms

Christina Marlow, M.A. | Teacher & Adoptive Parent

When teachers and school staff understand the attitudes and behaviors exhibited by students with a trauma history, they can be better prepared to respond compassionately. This breakout will help parents and teachers explore how to create trauma-informed classrooms by communicating student's needs and strengths, setting up safe spaces, responding to behaviors appropriately, and implementing positive interventions. Small changes can make a big impact to help kids and teens with a trauma history reach their academic and social-emotional goals.

Caring for a Child With Disorganized Attachment

Mike Horn, MACP | Associate Marriage & Family Therapist

Current research indicates that 80% of abused children come from a home with a disorganized attachment style. This breakout session will examine how disorganized attachment develops, typical characteristics of this attachment style, and three things parents do (often unknowingly) that create disorganized attachment in children. In order to promote healing, come learn a variety of techniques and interventions that help children build trust and become more secure in their attachment.

Working with Children Who Have Experienced Sexual Trauma & Abuse

Carla DeRose, LMFT | Marriage & Family Therapist

Children who come from difficult backgrounds often face various forms of abuse, including sexual trauma. This often leads to sexualized behaviors that can emerge at home or in pubic settings like school. The topics covered in this workshop will include understanding the impact of trauma on children, how to create a safe and supportive environment, strategies for managing difficult behaviors, and how to communicate effectively with children about sexual abuse. Participants will leave with a better understanding of how to support children on their healing journey and how to access additional resources for continued support.


The Gap Between Your Expectations & Your Experience

Heidi White, M.A. | Educator & TBRI Practitioner, The Alliance

The journey of parenting or caring for those who have experienced trauma is often surrounded by grief. Unmet expectations and unprocessed grief hinders our ability to be present with and love those right in front of us. This workshop helps parents, caregivers and those working with kids from hard places identify loss, define different types of grief, and take steps to promote healing by holding onto hope.

Faith, Hope & Love: Christian Perspectives on Healing

Dr. John Harris | Pastor, Executive Leadership Coach

We all can see the effects that sin and brokenness have in our world today and the trauma that so often follows. From the Garden of Eden to present day, people have yearned for healing, restoration, and reconciliation. Through this session, we will explore various ways to utilize faith, hope, and love to foster deeper relationships with our children while discovering the secrets of healing even the deepest hurts and trauma.


Re-Arranging Your Furniture

After their two-year journey hosting four foster kids, the sudden departure left Wes, Sherry, and their three bio teenagers stunned, wondering “now what?” After a full day conference like this, such can be the response. During this closing session, Wes and Sherry will share portions of their story and allow you to process all you’ve taken in at the conference.



Amy F..jpg

Amy Foraker, LpCC

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor | Bayside Counseling Center, Folsom Sierra Wellness Clinic

Amy is a licensed clinician working primarily with couples, adults, and teens who are navigating their way into resiliency following a history of trauma. She is skilled in helping her clients make sense of their messy stories, while teaching them to hold both the beauty and pain this world offers. Amy sees clients through Bayside Counseling Center, as well as leads outpatient groups at Folsom Sierra Wellness Clinic. Amy is a wife and mom in a wild blended family. In her "off" time, she loves the beach, playing golf, and leading worship at her local church.


Breanna Canclini, OTR/L

Occupational Therapist

Breanna holds a master’s degree in occupational therapy and has been practicing as an occupational therapist for 10 years while working with people from all ages and life stages. She has a strong desire to support and equip people with the skills to help them thrive. For the past four years, Breanna has been working with students to help them better access their learning environment by trauma informed therapy to facilitate sensory regulation, interoceptive awareness, and strategic coping skills.

Carla DeRose.jpg

carla derose, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist | Private Practice

Carla and her husband Edward are the parents of seven adopted adult children, as well as a birth child, a guardianship child and a handful of unofficial sons and daughters. Early in her career, Carla founded and directed a group practice that primarily served foster and adoptive families. After becoming adoptive parents, and recognizing the need for services specifically for the same, she and Edward also founded, and served as director and administrator of The Parent Cooperative Community Day Treatment, Residential and Outpatient Counseling Programs. Currently Carla works part time with adoptive families in the Outpatient Counseling Program. She also consults and volunteers with several local agencies serving adoptive families.

Casey Taylor.jpg

Casey Taylor, MA, PHD

Therapist | Kaiser South Sacramento

Adjunct Professor | William Jessup University

Casey is a therapist, adjunct professor, and emerging researcher who is passionate about helping children and families build resilience. She completed her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology at Fuller School of Psychology, and is currently working as a therapist in a healthcare setting. Her primary research interests and clinical experiences focus on trauma, youth development and caring adult relationships, and resilience.  As a researcher at the Thrive Center for Human Development, she has had the opportunity to study thriving and the importance of relationships as developmental assets. Inspired by the catalytic potential of relationships in promoting human thriving, Casey’s current research aligns with her clinical experiences working with youth and families. She aims to use her growing knowledge to work within her community and provide resources for caregivers, community members and clinicians facing burnout, compassion fatigue, and vicarious traumatization.


Christina Marlow, MA

Elementary Teacher | Adoptive Parent

Christina is a teacher in the Rocklin Unified School District and brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the classroom. She hold a Masters in Elementary Education and has been dedicated to the field for many years. Outside of work, Christina has been married to her husband Josh for 19 years they have four children, two of whom we adopted through foster care. She has first hand experience finding strategies to help her adopted sons find success in the classroom and applying trauma-informed methods with her own students. The Marlow family enjoys spending time together hiking, swimming, reading, and playing board games together.

John Harris.jpg

Dr. John harris

Pastor and Consultant | Hearts Like His, Inc. | Harris Coaching & Consulting

John has served as a chaplain in the United States Air Force and Executive Pastor. He is currently a leadership coach and consultant that helps churches and non-profits overcome barriers to growth and health. He also facilitates emotional intelligence workshops to strengthen teams and increase productivity. He and his wife are the co-founders of Hearts Like His, Inc., an online ministry that now reaches people across the U.S. and several other nations. He received his B.S. in Sociology from University of Central Arkansas, followed by a Master of Divinity from Memphis Theological Seminary and his doctorate in Transformational Discipleship from Gateway Seminary. John lives in Roseville, CA with his amazing wife, Jeanine, and their three beautiful daughters Elise, Sydney, and Grace.

Heidi W 2022.jpg

Heidi White, MA

Educator, TBRI Practitioner | The Alliance

Heidi is the Educator and Church Relations Director at The Alliance. She holds Master's Degree in Human Services with a focus on trauma and crisis counseling. Prior to joining The Alliance team, Heidi worked for 4 years in the foster care system as an adoption clerk and group home staff followed by 6 years at Bayside Church's Thrive College as the Women's Student Life Director. Heidi is a certified Trust Based Relational Intervention (TBRI) Practitioner and a Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA). She is passionate about equipping families and churches to bring hope and healing to the kids in their care.

Jeanine Harris.jpg

Jeanine Harris, MA

Certified Parent Coach | Connected Families

Jeanine is a dedicated parent coach and speaker with a deep passion for supporting parents in creating healthy relationships with their children. With a Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy, Jeanine brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Her focus lies in helping parents navigate the complexities of parenting, particularly during challenging times. She is passionate about equipping parents with practical tools to navigate the ups and downs of parenting with compassion. She and her husband have 3 daughters who are 8, 5 and 3 so she is able to combine her real-world insights with her academic training to provide valuable guidance to parents.

Karen P..jpeg

karen penfold

Trauma Recovery Practitioner/ Owner, Full of Hope Yoga and Trauma Recovery 

Karen is the founder of Full of Hope Yoga and a Trauma Recovery. Karen offers Relief, Healing and Hope to Anxiety Sufferers and Trauma Survivors by teaching nervous system regulation and somatic interventions for trauma recovery. With degrees in Communication and Psychology, Karen is a registered Trauma Sensitive Yoga and Meditation Instructor with ongoing education in somatic theory and therapy for trauma recovery. From her home studio in Elk Grove ( Sacramento), Karen teaches weekly group “Nervous System Regulating, Christ- Centered Yoga classes and sees clients privately ( in person and online) for Anxiety Relief and Trauma Recovery. Karen is a 12 year, two- time breast cancer and PTSD survivor with her own personal testimony of healing and hope from trauma. Karen and her husband of 33 years live in Elk Grove where they raised their two sons . Both young men are married and have given Karen the absolute joy of her life- 4 grandchildren.

Makela Mims.PNG

Makela Mims, LMFT

Marriage & Family Therapist | Still Waters Therapy

Makela is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and the Founder/Owner of Still Waters Therapy, Professional Counseling. She works with a variety of clients, and specializes in working with blended families, clergy, clergy spouses, individuals with depression, and anxiety.  She believes it is an honor to walk with those who are seeking to grow, bloom, and thrive in this journey called life. Makela has been married for 5 years and is the parent to 4 sons; two of her own, and two bonus sons, and she is a Mimi to two grandchildren.

Mike Horn.jpg

Mike Horn, MACP

Associate Marriage & Family Therapist | Bayside Counseling Center

Mike holds a degree in Criminology from Fresno State University and following graduate studies in human development and forensic psychology he earned a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from William Jessup University. Mike worked on 3 church leadership teams and between pastoring, teaching, and doing missionary evangelism, Mike also served as the facility administrator at Valley Teen Ranch, a 32-bed residential treatment program for court-adjudicated youth. In 2014, Mike and his family moved to Sacramento and he began working with the California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation (CDCR) at Folsom State Prison. Two years later he was hired by the Commission on Correctional Peace Officer Training & Standards (CPOST), where he joined a team of 12 specialists who audited training for custody staff throughout all 33 prisons in CDCR. Mike retired from CDCR in 2022, completed his mental health practicum at City of Refuge, and transitioned to Bayside Counseling Center where he currently works as an Associate Marriage & Family Therapist (AMFT). Mike has been married to his wife Pamela for 45 years, they have two amazing children and fostered three others.

Mike Mason_edited.jpg

Mike mason

Author, Speaker, Leadership Coach | Creative Outlet Group

Mike facilitated men's groups for over ten years including being the creator and director of Forever Fathers, a Dad's support group. He served in the US Marine Corps and graduated from the military's Public Relations and Journalism program. He holds a degree in Communications and spent 20 years working in the corporate sector before serving in the nonprofit space for a decade. Mike is a very proud father and grandfather and is a passionate advocate against childhood trauma. He is the author of two books, "Do Dads" and "Dani Mae's World" (both available on Amazon).

Stephanie Caine.jpg

Dr. Stephanie Caine

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Professor of Psychology | William Jessup University

Dr. Stephanie Caine holds a doctorate degree in counseling. She has worked in education and counseling with a variety of populations including children, students, families, and adults for over 20 years. Dr. Caine is currently a professor of psychology and counseling at William Jessup University, the Program Director for a Master’s of Counseling Psychology program, a therapist, and the Director of The Cheatcode Academy which trains people to become mental health strengthening coaches in the area of trauma. Most importantly, she is a proud wife to Jason Caine and mother to amazing twins Joelle and Jason.

Taylor B-1.png

Taylor Baierlein

Be Bold Youth Services Director | Child Advocates of Placer County

Taylor is the Be Bold Program Director at Child Advocates of Placer County. She holds a B.A. in Psychology from Sacramento State University. She also studied Journalism and Early Childhood Development and worked as the Editor-in-Chief and featured writer in the newspaper there. She has experience working in visitation with a private foster agency and has volunteered at Shiners Hospitals for Children in the Therapeutic Child Life Center. She has been working with children coaching, mentoring, and teaching in many capacities since she was a teenager. 

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