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Stories of Adoption

In honor of National Adoption Awareness Month, we're highlighting beautiful stories of people brought together through adoption. We all come into the world looking to belong, to be claimed. Adoption is a powerful reminder that the gift of family can be extended beyond those related to us by birth.

Meet Justina Branson - she's fun, full of energy, outgoing and strong. This month we’re highlighting stories for National Adoption Awareness Month. Justina was in and out of foster care since she was a baby, but at 5 years old she was officially adopted by her mother’s half-sister. ⁣

Almost everyone in Justina’s family struggled with an addiction problem. Her aunt, on the other hand, was in a really healthy place when she adopted her. “I was shielded from addiction and sexual immorality and broken family. My aunt gave me a really amazing childhood.”⁣