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Clarity Confidence Courage.

Dr. Heather Penny calls these the 3Cs. She says, "...we are made to live in a posture motivated by peace. Not guilt. Not confusion. Not fear. Not anxiety. Peace. And with peace comes clarity."

This past Tuesday, April 25th, Leadership Coach and Alliance Board Member Heather Penny came and spoke at the 3C Leading Conference. When nonprofit leaders learn how to rest and lead well, the companies and the youth and families they serve benefit greatly. So, this conference allowed a variety of Alliance Member Organizations to learn how to cast a clearer vision, make confident decisions, and have the courage to execute hard decisions. It included personal experience, practical application, research, and incredible knowledge presented by Heather herself. She also spoke on the importance of RESTorative Rest, the power of a positive response, and ways to discover what holds us back. So many of those who attended walked away with a sense of calm and more understanding of how to effectively guide an organization.

In an interview with Tiffany Garza, who attended the conference, she explained that she loved the way Heather presented her ideas with such lucidity and depth while also making sure they were research-based. For Tiffany, the extra knowledge and different presentation of ideas she has heard before really encouraged her. So much so that she really wants to "encourage others to take part in Alliance events because they are always such great opportunities". Tiffany explained that this event was also a great way to 'rest' her brain and really soak in the concepts to then put to use.

We are so grateful to Heather Penny and all of the members that were able to attend! Check out our website here for more potential event opportunities!



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