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Change That Lasts

It's not unknown to us - the feelings of hopelessness and despair. In fact, sometimes these feelings can be all too familiar. But what if I told you, there's more to life? It's true! Freedom is just on the other side! Take it from Sunnie.

Sunnie grew up in a family with addiction and alcoholism. Her dad ended up in prison and one of her brothers passed away when she was fifteen. With a mom incapable of raising children, Sunnie took custody of her youngest brother at just 18 years old. As she puts it, this "set the tone for how I grew up".

By the time she turned 23, Sunnie had 2 children of her own but had fallen into addiction. Her kids were taken into foster care before being placed with their father who later gained custody.  For years, Sunnie went to multiple treatments and programs, but the hold addiction had over her was so strong that change didn’t last. She found herself in prison after hanging out with the wrong crowd but when she got out, Sunnie relapsed and found out she was pregnant again. Her parole officer sent her to a program in San Francisco for nine months where she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. After this program, she reconnected with her 3rd child's father and relapsed - feeling hopeless yet again.

Sunnie decided enough was enough and went to a transitional home where she got clean and sober for 90 days. But what was she going to do long term? She couldn't bear to send another child into foster care!

That's when she found Acres of Hope.

"It seemed like a lot (having no phone, no boyfriend, no smoking, etc.) but I was at a point of surrender. Nothing else I had ever done worked."

Sunnie has now been clean and sober since June 6th of 2019.

"Acres of Hope changed my life!" she shared. She was able to get her driver's license, was gifted a car, found a job, and embraced faith in God. Eventually, Sunnie was even hired to be a part of the Acres of Hope team as Assistant Program Manager!

In addition to all these breakthroughs, Sunnie has also been reunited with her two older children and they have a thriving relationship with her and her youngest son! Now, they spend holidays together and recently, she got to take her oldest son to a concert. Sunnie has an incredible story of redemption, freedom, and reunification.

For more information about Acres of Hope check out their website!



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