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Giving Hope

Mike & his 2 kids

“When I was going through so many placements, failing in school and left in the children's shelter for 5 months, I never thought I was going to leave. The only person that visited me was my CASA. She made me feel better every time I would see her. Having a CASA means someone will always have your back, they will not judge you. They just show up. CASA gave me hope. My CASA helped build a team at school to improve my grades and my behavior. My CASA taught me that I was the most important person on my team! Thanks to the CASA program, I am ready to succeed in school and life. ”

Now a high school graduate, Madison bravely and generously shared her story with a group of CASA supporters as their special guest speaker at the 2017 CAPC Golf Classic. “My mom died when I was 7-years-old and I went to live with my grandma. After living w