Inspiring Great Dads

The Need:

We are living in a fatherless generation with over 50% of marriages ending in divorce, often leaving children without the guidance and protection of a father or strong male role model. Responsible fatherly involvement has proven to play an integral part in a child's social, emotional and academic development. Conversely, the effects of a child who grows up fatherless can be devastating and include the child's increased likelihood of relational issues, anxiety, depression, incarceration and even suicide. It is nearly impossible to expect young men to know how to have healthy relationships in their teen years or adult life if they did not see their dads caring for their family while growing up. The key to changing so many of our social issues today is to impact children, teens, and even adults who need to face their father wounds and learn how to communicate and connect with the people they love.

The Response:

The Response

Regional Leader:

When Dads know how to engage with their kids it greatly impacts the dynamics of a family and the trajectory of their children's lives.  

  • An engaged Dad understands the crucial role he plays in the lives of his children.

  • An engaged Dad knows how to parent. 

  • An engaged Dad has healthy involvement in his kids' lives.

  • An engaged Dad knows his rights and responsibilities and fulfills both. 

  • An engaged Dad has a respectful and appropriate relationship with his spouse/co-parent and encourages his kids to respect and love their Mom.

If you're an experienced dad, consider coaching young fathers you know. Join with other dads in a men's group or consider taking a parenting class with your wife.  We can all help encourage the men we know to be good dads by complimenting them on the ways the love the Lord, their wife and their kids. 

Mike Mason - KidsFirst Education & Outreach Manager