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Partners in Purpose

Simplify and Amplify
Your Business Impact

Our Alliance Business Sponsorship program provides companies and local business leaders an opportunity to make a difference for vulnerable kids and families on a wide scale. By supporting The Alliance, businesses can participate in the collective work to combat and heal childhood trauma throughout the Sacramento Region! 


Becoming an Alliance Business Sponsor means you don’t have to choose which local issue your funds, clients and staff are supporting. One gift can affect change for our local foster kids, families experiencing homelessness, refugee populations and more. 

Alliance Business Sponsorship includes unique benefits:  

  • Promotion to our Members and Audience 

  • Event Tickets 

  • Sponsorship Opportunities 

  • Opportunities to be a PRO Workshop Trainer

  • Team Building Drives 

  • Matching Gift Options 

  • And more!

We invite you to join this Generous Community of local business leaders who care deeply about vulnerable kids. For questions or to customize your Business Sponsorship, contact Stephanie VanTassell at

Business Sponsor levels

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$500 +

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$1,000 +

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$2,500 +

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$5,000 +

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$10,000 +

Become an Alliance Business Sponsor

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Choose a Sponsorship level. 

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Give Online or via Check.


Checks are preferred if possible! This avoids transaction fees and enables 100% of your gift to support our mission. Please make checks payable to The Alliance at 1380 Lead Hill Blvd. #210, Roseville, CA 95661. For an invoice, please contact Marissa Han at

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Complete the form below to share your business logo and details! 

Business Sponsor iNFO form

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