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In the past few weeks it seems as if Covid-19 has turned the world stores are picked over, businesses are closed, many people are off work and kids are doing distance learning from home. As a way of supporting families around the Greater Sacramento Area during this time, Defending the Cause has launched a brand-new campaign called Hope & Help for Families!

In a time where everyone is being bombarded by negative news stories and concerning statistics, we're committed to being a constant source of encouragement and support for families! Follow along on social media as each weekday we're posting inspiring quotes, fun pictures and top resources to help parents and caregivers not just survive but thrive while we all shelter-in-place.

On the weekends, we'll also be sharing opportunities to serve other kids & families in need. Stay connected by liking and commenting plus help us spread encouragement by sharing these posts with your online friends and family. Let's all get through this TOGETHER!


To all the amazing parents and caregivers out there who are now juggling a kids at home, online learning platforms , homework help, jobs and all the normal cooking, cleaning and laundry ... WE ARE WITH YOU

Here are some valuable websites to help you maintain your sanity and even have fun through this time:

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The needs of foster, adoptive and single parent families have gone way up in the past few weeks and many other children and families are now facing significant challenges due to the ripple effects of Covid-19.

While we're all quarantined, there are still lots of ways to make a difference for those around you. Check out our brand new 'how-to' guide for supporting families remotely which includes ideas to use with friends and our Area Needs Database for serving others. Let's rally together and help those in our community!

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