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Precious Presents

We are continuing along the path of our Difference Makers Campaign because these stories are just too sweet! The endless generosity, compassion, and support from our community blew us away this past year, and these stories continue to shed such a beautiful light on the campaign's impact.

One of the Alliance's member agencies shared multiple stories of foster youth that received Christmas gift cards and gifts donated by the Alliance community and how it touched them.

The Institute for Children's Aid/International Christian Adoptions (ICA) is a non-profit licensed agency that offers foster homes and services to unaccompanied children and refugee minors. They also provide services for international, domestic and foster adoptions.

The ICA team handpicked each gift keeping in mind every child and family that would be blessed with these items. After receiving these Christmas gifts, ICA provided us with multiple stories of recipients who felt so touched by them.

One teen mom received an English picture book for her 2-year-old son which she instantly started reading to him. She was so grateful and quickly started to realize how simply reading this book was helping not only her son learn to read and speak English, but she was learning from it as well!

A family of four girls received a bracelet-making kit and they were so elated that they committed to less screen time so that they could spend more time making bracelets for each other. They were so excited to wear them to school too!

Lastly, one of ICA’s foster families was so overjoyed when receiving a basket that she began to cry and asked if she could hug the ICA team member who delivered it. She was absolutely thrilled and said that the gift was so precious and made her feel so appreciated.

Stories like this bring us so much joy and fill us with gratitude for all of those who made this campaign possible and so special. So THANK YOU!



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