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Dancing the Night Away

Think back to your high school years as best you can. What was your favorite moment? Or maybe your worst/most embarrassing moment? Does prom come to mind for anyone?

I remember the feeling of getting to dress up in elaborate dresses for a night. The joy that spread throughout the room as I was getting ready with some of my girlfriends and taking pictures with our group brought togetherness and some of my sweetest memories. Of course, not everyone had the best experience at prom or even chose to go to the dances their high school put on. But what about those who did want to go and didn't get the opportunity?

Well, thankfully, that's where Dress to S.O.A.R. comes in. This incredible organization was founded by one of the Alliance's very own staff members, Justin Studebaker. His heart is to "support teens in foster care and emancipated youth prepare for the job interview process and adulthood with our 3 P’s Workshops - Prepare, Present and Produce."

This incredible organization decided to put on a Red Carpet Event for some of the youth. To prepare for the event, the youth got to pick out a full-on formal outfit to show up glammed out and confident. I got to see some of them light up with excitement about this celebration which was so special and shows the impact that this organization is making in the lives of these young people. The wonderful staff and volunteers at Dress to S.O.A.R. decorated the room so beautifully, did an entertaining raffle, served various food dishes, and even got out on the dance floor! I myself had some fun doing the cha-cha slide and showing off my mediocre dance moves!

We all have a deep desire to feel seen and create lasting memories with those around us - and that is just what this event accomplished for youth who may not have otherwise gotten an opportunity like this.

Check out our social media for some more pictures and videos!



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