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A Passion Ignited

In 2017, Marissa and her husband Drew had a unique passion ignited inside them. After learning that in the chaos of entering foster care, kids are given a garbage bag to collect their few belongings or they won't bring anything at all, the two were deeply concerned. Then, Marissa saw a nonprofit featured on Ellen that created "comfort cases" and something struck a chord. So, she decided to try something similar local to her.

Marissa and Drew officially established Something Good Co in 2022 although they have been providing these cases since 2017. Care cases will typically include a duffle bag with toiletries and comfort items such as blankets or stuffed animals. Each year, this charity has grown drastically and more and more people have come together for this cause. This year, the Alliance received 124 care cases from Marissa and her team! Because of their generosity, we were able to give cases to Children's Hope, Paradise Oaks, Koinonia, and Aspire Kids. What an incredible opportunity to bless kids who are less fortunate!

Marissa also shared some unique stories that have come out of this undertaking. There have been a couple of times when people saw some of Something Good Co’s marketing and took it upon themselves to create care cases within their own companies or communities. She was positively surprised when these cases came to her without her knowing they were being put together! People have also taken this idea and run with it creating cases for refugees and those in other vulnerable positions.

When asked what she learned in the process of creating Something Good Co, Marissa shared that although she has no personal connection to foster youth, the fact that there are so many kids that need help was a big motivator. She realized this is affecting people in her community, even those she knows personally. She said, "It's not a faceless thing". Her passion, along with those around her, is such a blessing to this community!

Thank you Marissa, Drew, and the Something Good Co team!

And a special thanks to the companies and entities that participated in this year's drive! We are so grateful.

  • Lund Construction

  • Fehr & Peers

  • Cal Coast Telecom

  • Moksa Brewing

  • HPE

  • Whitney High School Publications



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