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The Inside Story on Mental Health

Since our world has been a bit crazy lately, our focus for this month is on mental health. Here are some valuable observations and insights from trusted mental health providers in our community! ⁣

Meet Charlotte Fritz, a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with 12 years of experience in the field. Over the past few months, she has observed some common themes with her clients: “I have seen an uptick in anxiety and issues with families- parents of school aged children, burdened by having to work and care for children. Most families receive some amount of support from grandparents, other family members, friends and the church. Right now, due to social distancing, many of those support systems are not available.”⁣ ⁣

Charlotte identified being in community as a key ingredient to mental health. “Research shows the #1 healing factor in people’s life is social support. Figuring out how you can safely create a com