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Still Saying "Yes"

In March 2019, Susan and Mitchell Patterson* became approved as resource parents. The couple didn't have any children and their hope was to foster and adopt one child or a sibling set of two, up to the age of six. Less than two weeks after being approved, the couple ended up saying yes to 14-year-old Margaret*. Their Koinonia Social Worker had spent two months working with Margaret in her emergency foster home and knew that the Patterson family would be a good fit for her. The Patterson family agreed! Upon her initial placement, Margaret struggled with thoughts of suicide and running away. Despite these early concerns, Margaret quickly adapted to life in a healthy and healing home environment. One year later, Margaret is near being able to reunify with her mother. Margaret recently shared with the foster mother, “When I came here, I didn’t care about myself, but now I totally care.” Just a few months after Margaret came into their home, the Patterson family and their Koinonia Social Worker decided that they could make their home available for more placements. The family spent a few months caring for a one-year-old until he successfully placed with his grandparents. Though many months have passed, the Patterson f