Faith - One Step at a Time


Talking with Owen was like a breath of fresh air.  Her eyes radiated love, her joy was evident and unhindered.  As I listened to her story of foster to adoption, one thing became very clear to me. While there is great discomfort in the waiting and in the uncertainty within this process, we are not the only ones waiting. There are too many children waiting for our help. In Owen’s case, a 3-day-old baby with chubby cheeks and sideburns was waiting on the other side of her "yes."


This past October, our team rejoiced with Owen Johnson as she celebrated the adoption of that sweet baby with chubby cheeks, her son. Owen is one of our Church Ministry leaders and has been faithfully serving the foster and adoptive families of Fremont Presbyterian church for the past 2 years.

Unlike most people, Owen made the decision to adopt in grade school. A family friend adopted internationally and, when her mother explained to Owen what adoption was, she knew immediately that it was something she wanted to do. As a young lady she made a commitment to herself that if she was not married by the age of 30, she would adopt.

Thirty came and went and Owen was still not married. While she recalled the promise – she was not quite ready for adoption but took a step of faith and signed up to do respite care for other foster/adoptive families. Over the next 5 years she took children and teens into her home and loved them as her own. Some teens would come regularly on weekends and she developed meaningful relationships with them.

At the age of 42, after moving to the west coast, Owen made good on her promise to her younger self and began the process to adopt. On October 23rd she finalized the adoption of Neil Ezra Johnson III. “Burnsie” as he is lovingly called, due to his adorable sideburns as a newborn, is now 22 months old.

When I asked Owen what advice she would give oth