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More Than a Pregnancy Test

A positive pregnancy test can bring a myriad of emotions. Joy, relief and excitement are often experienced if the woman is trying to conceive. However, for those whose pregnancies are unplanned (nearly half of all pregnancies in the United States) alarm, fear, worry and hopelessness are more common, especially if they are not supported by a partner. Many of these women are uninsured, have low-income and are already facing financial hardships. Struggling to meet their own needs, their fear may be more than just of having a child, it may be of being unable to provide food or housing for that child. Although there are agencies and support available, these women may be overwhelmed, unaware of these resources.

Our nonprofit clinic, Sierra Pregnancy and Health (SPH) is one of these places. Just this week, a young woman, assuming she was a few months pregnant but too nervous to take an in-home test, came to our clinic. Already a mother to an 18-month-old, lacking support from the baby'