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What is 3C Leading?

In her highly praised book, The Life You're Made For, author Dr. Heather Penny invites readers on a journey of self discovery and positive change by embracing ‘3C Living’.  Through practical application, research, and personal experience, she helps people increase clarity, build confidence, and engage courage in order to go after the life they want.


In today's leadership culture, it can be challenging to balance all the necessary skills to effectively guide an organization while also encouraging each team member to reach their full potential. Applying the concepts of '3C Living & Leading' will help each of us cast clearer vision, make confident decisions and have the courage to execute hard decisions. 


In this exclusive conference for Alliance Members, leaders and teams will learn the value of RESTorative Rest, the power of a positive response, and ways to discover what holds us back. The content shared and the facilitated discussion will help each attendee to reach their fullest potential while leading others into the life they are uniquely made for with more clarity, confidence, and courage.


Destiny Community Center

6850 Five Star Blvd.

Rocklin, CA 95677

Tuesday, April 25th | 9am - 1pm

(Check in begins at 8:30am)

Registration Details

Tickets: $22/person*

Maximum of 4 Tickets per Organization

Registration Deadline: Mon. April 17

*Cost includes lunch & a paperback copy of Heather's book The Life You're Made For

Meet our speaker

Heather Penny.jpg

Heather created 3C Living to inspire people to use Clarity, Confidence, and Courage to reach their fullest potential. Her clients range from CEOs to stay-at-home moms. For more than a decade, she has taught that powerful leadership begins on the inside and is sustainable by following the framework of 3C Living. More than anything, Heather is motivated to help people find more joy and peace in their daily lives.

Heather is also a wife, mother of 2, and lives here in the Sacramento Area. She currently serves as a member of the Alliance Board of Directors. 

Dr. Heather Penny


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